The Gathering 2013

Irish Actor Gabriel Byrne thinks "The Gathering 2013" is a scam to take financial advantage of the irish diaspora. Do you?

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38% voted for "No"


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The Gathering Ireland is a unique chance for us all to join a countrywide, citizen-led initiative to reach out to Ireland's global diaspora and bring them home for an unprecedented year-long celebr... more
Asked   by haglet on Nov 08 2012
More Info   The Gathering 2013 is an initiative by the irish government to attract the diaspora back home to ireland.


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I totally disagree with Gabriel Byrne. IMHO, I think it's a wonderful opportunity to draw attention to the country, its people, its history and its heritage. If we could afford it,we'd be going and taking all of our kids and grandkids with us.

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