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Do you like this Delta Rae Music video Bottom of the River?

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"Bottom Of The River" by Delta Rae from Carry The Fire, out now. Directed by Lawrence Chen. Special thanks to the Phi Beta Sigma Step Team, Defmo and Freewater Productions. Delta Rae's album, Carr... more
Asked   by dennis on Oct 06 2012


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I agree the video was kind of creepy. For me a music video can really make or break the song for me. I feel like I may have enjoyed the song more if I had just heard it without seeing the video.
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I agree with ians about it being "kind of creepy" but for me it was the video that didn't like so much. The song itself reminded me of an old slave spiritual and I liked it -- until I found out that the meaning of the lyrics is : it's about a woman being accused of witchcraft and being taken to the river to see what happens when she's thrown in.
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Kinda creepy but I liked it.

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