What is MapMyVote?

MapMyVote is a website which allows you to post poll questions and surveys for users all over the world to vote in. The voting results are then presented using a dynamic thematic map, allowing you to quickly see statistics and obtain a better understanding of how users respond to questions across the globe. You can also narrow your poll results by filtering certain types of users (i.e. filter by gender, age, location, political stance, religion, etc.)

MapMyVote provides an unprecedented medium for ideas and questions to flow between one side of the world to the other.We welcome you to share your knowledge, and your curiosity! After all, it's Your Vote, Your World

Is it Free?

Completely Free! We will never ask for credit cards, paypal accounts, or any form of payment. MapMyVote is here for you at no cost!

What can I do on MapMyVote?

MapMyVote allows you to ask and answer questions (or polls) and view their results visually using a map. MapMyVote also allows you to participate in indepth discussion on issues presented in these questions.


How do I vote?

Voting is easy! First find a poll or survey you're interested in through the browse page, or gamble and select the random poll button (dice). If you haven't voted on the poll you will be prompted with a form to do so. Select your answer and click vote!

How do I change my vote?

Changing your vote is easy. Navigate to the poll and click "Change Vote". You will then be prompted to select and answer. It's that easy!

How do I create a poll?

Creating a poll is easy! Click "Create Poll" in the top navigation bar. Now simply complete the poll creation wizard and you're done!

Where can I find polls that I've created?

First navigate to your profile (top right). Now click "My Polls" to see a list of polls you've created.


Hang tight. Surveys are coming soon!


Do I need to Signup?

To vote in MapMyVote you need to signup or login as a guest. MapMyVote needs to know where you're voting from so we can accurately render poll results. To be a guest, all you must provide is a location. Your location will never be shared with anyone.

What's the difference between Guest and Full accounts?

There are two types of MapMyVote accounts, full accounts and guest accounts.

Full accounts are permanent, and once you enter your location, you never need to change it (unless you move). These accounts allow you to log in and out as many times as you want using an email and password of your choice. In addition, full accounts also allow you to add additional information about yourself. This information is used when users filter the demographic (i.e. all males, all people above age 50, etc.) If you opt to not enter some information, you your-self are not allowed to filter by that information.

Guest accounts are temporary and expire when you close your browser or become idle. They just require you to specify your location and do not allow any additional information to be added. This means that guest users cannot filter demographic nor will there votes be counted when other users filter by demographic.

How do I Signup?

Sign up is fast and easy. You can sign up on the registration page or simply when you respond to your first poll or survey.

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