MapMyVote Beta Launched!

Saturday Sep 01, 2012
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We've got a new site and a new name! is a brand new site, built from the ground up. If you're a previous user of MapYourVote don't worry, all your polls have been migrated and are available in MapMyVotes improved interface. In addition, over the next several months we will be rolling out several big new features, including surveys, number centric polls, and the ability to easil send polls out to your friends.

We're in beta so we really want your feedback! Click here to tell us what you think.

Archive - Introducing MapYourVote Rewards!

Saturday Sep 01, 2012

MapYourVote Rewards MapYourVote Rewards is a brand new feature that allows users to win prizes and rewards. Here’s how it works. As you do things throughout MapYourVote, you will begin to earn and collect Reward Points. The more points you earn the more likely you will win a Reward Prize, because each point counts as an entry to a raffle. MapYourVote will hold raffles more and more as we grow. Prizes can be anything, but will often be gift cards to online stores like

So how do you collect reward points? Well that’s a good question and it’s quite easy. Reward points are collected as you perform various actions throughout MapYourVote. Here is a list of the ways you can earn reward points.

By Voting – Earn a Reward point for every 5 votes you cast.

By Commenting – Earn a Reward point for every 3 comments you make.

By Asking – Earn a Reward point for every 2 questions youask.

By Having High Vote Power – Earn a Reward point for voting at elast once and having 100% Vote Power

By Being Socially Connected – Earn Reward points for being connected to Facebook and publishing your activity.

By Referring People – Earn a point for every Referral youmake. You can make referrals by sending your referral links to people and having them sign up.

So do these points last forever? Not quite. Points will expire after 30 days or if you win a prize so you should always strive to continue earning points to increase your chances of being chosen in the raffle and winning the reward contest.

MapYourVote Rewards page also shows where you stand next to other users. You can view the LeaderBoard to see all the top scoring users in the community.

1000s of people are already having fun with MapYourVote, but the gamification of the site through MapYourVote Rewards makes it even more enjoyable!

Archive - MapYourVote Fun Polls and Quizzes

Saturday Sep 01, 2012
Some online polls and questions on MapYourVote are serious, centered on people, politics, world issues, and the economy. Though these are important, sometimes, when you feel like relaxing, they aren't the types of polls you want to vote on. Not to worry however, MapYourVote isn’t all serious. When you feel like smiling, laughing, or simply being entertained, take a look at the hundreds of Fun polls the MapYourVote community has asked. Fun polls are often about music, videos, and funny pictures, but with a community as creative as MapYourVote, you will often stumble on a fun poll that completely surprises you. We've all taken surveys and quizzes that are fun, and MapYourVote lets you find these with ease. Asking questions can be fun as well so if you are the creative type, create your own fun poll. So kickback, relax, and smile at MapYourVote Fun Polls.

Archive - Introducing Poll & Vote Activity Emails!

Saturday Sep 01, 2012
We’ve just implemented a new feature allowing you to receive emails about MapYourVote activity! This can be anything from when someone rates or favorites your poll, votes in it, or if someone replies to one of your comments. All these alerts are called Votifications and by default they appear in your inbox located at the top right hand corner of MapYourVote. But as we all know, life can get busy and sometimes it’s hard to check these on a regular basis. To make it easy for you, after any one of your unread Votifications becomes a week old, we will email the whole list for you to see! If you want to see these emails show up more or less frequently, you can! Simply navigate to your Votification Settings in your profile and you can customize it to your liking!

Archive - Polls that Cycle Every Day

Saturday Sep 01, 2012
The idea for MapYourVote(TM) stemmed from the idea, wouldn't it be wonderful if you could find out how people were feeling around the world on any given day. MapYourVote(TM) provide the ability to develop an electronic POLL/Question and ask it to the world and set that questions so the results are only counted for the day Midnight To Midnight. People may find out how others feel that day whether they are sick or how energetic they are. The wellness of the people can be polled with these type of polls and provides interesting information on our neighbors all the people of the world. Electronic Polls may also be set for a periods of time of more than one day collecting information or current events and then in time pale in importance but are very important for a week or a month for example. Questions regarding Sports and big events such as the Superbowl, elections, A big auto Race and who do you think will win provide fun information about how people think around the world. Soccer is an excellent example for tracking world opinion in the sport of soccer around the world as all countries compete for entry into the world cup. and the Europe cup and even local country soccer for where ever they live.

Archive - MapYourVote A cool Idea with a Purpose

Saturday Sep 01, 2012
Welcom to MapYourVote(TM) and the world of asking and answering questions for and from around the world. Our site is designed to provide a hassle free place to peruse questions asked by others and answer the ones you like and then find out how other people thing about the issue whatever it is. Issues may vary from the complex world of politics, to the personal areas of beliefs and religion. Other issues are less complex such as opinions on Sports Teams, Sport Players, Games and the fans or what kind of TV you watch and why or even very basic polls on emotions Such as Are you sick this week, how well you feel or how happy you are today. MapYourVote(TM) strives to allow users to browse this vast world of peoples opinions and vote on any poll expressing their opinions and then forming a collective geographically referenced map of the people and their opinions around the world.

Archive - Announcing the official launch of

Saturday Sep 01, 2012

Today we announce the official launch of MapYourVote! As some of you know, it’s been a long road here. The idea itself is almost four years old and I remember the origin very well. I was having a causal conversation with my father over the phone when he mentioned, “it would be cool to see how people actually felt across the globe”. I paused ... and said yes, it would. Like all great ideas, it evolved, and four years later, MapYourVote has become the world’s first Social Voteworking website.

We’ve come a long way since the origin of free speech and free thought. We’ve come a long way since the forums of Ancient Greece, the birth place of democracy. But even in today’s advance data driven society, where information flows with incredible speed, there is something missing. The forums have not been updated, and real opinions drown in the vast oceans of data.

MapYourVote can end this. MapYourVote can be the new forum, allowing ideas and true opinions to flow with unprecedented effectiveness. MapYourVote can help us answer the questions, both big and small.

So my father and I have a favor to ask. Help us continue to evolve MapYourVote. Help us spread the word that a new forum is in town. Tell your friends, your family, their friends and their family. Share polls on Facebook, Digg, Google Plus and Twitter. Help us grow MapYourVote into the site that it can be. After all, It’s Your Vote. Your World.

Happy Voting!